There is something ironic about Tesla Superchargers. Although the more we have them, the better people want to spend the less time possible in them as you would in a gas station. But do you know how to do it? This video from the DÆrik YouTube channel gives useful tips to get there.

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One of the things Erik mentions in the video is that he wished Tesla gave owners the same info he shares in the video. For what he and the other presenter say, some buyers do not even know how Superchargers work, and they are as simple as getting there, connecting the cable and waiting for the green light.

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Apart from the basics, there are things they mention that you may have never thought about. Such as the level of charge you should have before leaving for a trip. If you go with having the most charge always, you will surely get surprised by what they have to say on this one.

We do not want to put spoilers here so that you can watch the video, but some of what we say here will make you even more curious. For example, did you know that you may stop more often, but even so, save time? Yes, that is not only possible but very likely.

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That happens because battery packs do not charge at a flat rate. There are charge levels in which charging occurs much faster than in others. Which is it? You’ll learn about it when you watch the video.

When you are at a Supercharger, did you know some charging points will make you share the charging speed with the nearby parked Tesla? That is something other Superchargers have corrected to make every user get the most of their stops wasting the least time possible.

Tesla Models S Plaid at newly installed Supercharger at the Nurburgring

As we mentioned, this video is totally worth watching. Even if you are a Tesla owner with lots of experience, we believe you get useful info with it. Give it a go and share your impressions with us on the comments.

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