Although TeslaCam helps to prove some Tesla drivers have done nothing wrong, it may also show some others can make really nasty stuff happen while behind the wheel. These videos published by the Twitter user Green (@greentheonly) reveal an accident that will leave you with more doubts than answers. When? Where? But most of all, why?

Gallery: What Caused This Tesla Accident Registered By TeslaCam?

Mr. Green obtained the videos published here probably from the salvage car. Considering the speed and the way the Tesla crashed, it is very likely that it turned into a total loss. He then analyzed the data and was as puzzled as we were after watching the footage.

Have a look at his original tweets. This is the first one:


His first idea was that this was unintended acceleration, but CAN bus data proved the driver pressed the pedal because he wanted to. Then comes the second tweet about the case, with another perspective of the crash.


This one shows us the driver lost control when he or she hit the curb with the car’s right wheels. The Tesla then swings to the left, the driver tries to countersteer, turning the car to the right, but it finally hits the right sidewalk and apparently stops.

What Caused This Tesla Accident Registered By TeslaCam?
What Caused This Tesla Accident Registered By TeslaCam?

In any other car, that would put an end to the investigation, but Tesla vehicles provide a lot more information. The Autopilot data shows the last minute the car drove in the tweet below. Have a look at it.


The Tesla was driving at around 20 mph, with a peak of 35 mph, when it suddenly stops. Two other cars slowly overtake it. One goes to the left, and the other, a white BMW, keeps in the same way the Tesla later follows at high speed. The BMW parks, while the EV hits 69 mph in a few seconds, dodges the pickup truck, hits the curb, and the rest is history.

What Caused This Tesla Accident Registered By TeslaCam?

We have contacted Mr. Green, and he kindly provided us the main video. He also shared some thoughts about what happened.

The accident took place at Lexington Road, in Beverly Hill. It was on June 8, 2019, at 11:12 PM. The driver probably stopped at this sign shown in the map below.

There is no street race since no one else was speeding. The Tesla driver simply decides to chase something, overtakes the car that previously passed him and hits the curb precisely here:

Curiously, if you check all the way in Lexington Road until this traffic light, you’ll see two white pickup trucks. The curb also shows signs of tires, as if Google had made these images after the accident.

What Caused This Tesla Accident Registered By TeslaCam?

Since we already know when and where, the questions that remain are who and, most of all, why. Mr. Green suspects we are in front of a DUI situation, and that is probably right. There is no sign of any problem with the car, only with the driver. If you know anything about this case that would help us discover more about it, please let us know in the comments.

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