The best way to see how much improvement a product upgrade offers is to put it through real-world testing against a product that has yet to be updated. In the video above, we get to see a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (dual-motor) with "Acceleration Boost" face off against the same model without the paid boost.

For those unaware, Tesla has added an "Upgrades" feature to its newly updated mobile app, which allows owners to easily see which upgrades they already have and which are available for purchase.

The most talked-about upgrade is an "Acceleration Boost" for Model 3 Long Range (dual-motor) cars. The $2,000 upgrade is supposed to give the car a 3.9-second zero-to-60-mph time, which is a notable 0.5-second improvement over the car's 4.4-second time without the update.

YouTube influencer and Tesla owner "Dirty Tesla" got his hands on the two cars to run some interesting tests. Check out the video above to learn about the results. In addition, we've embedded some related tweets below.


Video Description via Dirty Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla's Boosted Acceleration Upgrade is a Large Improvement Over the Standard AWD | 0-60 Race |

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