BMW already confirmed that the BMW i3 will be continued, despite there being no direct successor or next-generation planned. Now we know for how long.

According to the latest news from Germany, a BMW spokesman revealed the date of 2024. That's how long the BMW i3 will remain in production:

“We will continue to build the i3 until 2024,”

Since production started in 2013, that would translate into 11 years on the market, compared to the usual 7 years between generations of particular models in the automotive industry.

BMW i3's long life is due to an extraordinary design (especially at the time) and ongoing battery capacity upgrades every few years.

To keep the i3 attractive, it's expected that in 2020/2021 BMW will offer one more battery upgrade - from the current 42.2 kWh, probably to above 50 kWh.

The 42.2 kWh battery gives the i3 a range of 153 miles (246 km) EPA.

BMW sales:

  • 2013: 311
  • 2014: 16,052
  • 2015: 24,057
  • 2016: 25,528
  • 2017: 31,482
  • 2018: 36,829
  • 2019: over 30,000 after 11 months

There will be probably no direct successor for the i3, even if sales continue to increase every year, as BMW is willing to drop the proprietary plug-in model, built using CFRP for a more flexible and affordable approach of ICE/BEV/PHEV on a single platform.


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