Chinese EV start-up Byton announced that it received from the state of California:

  • a dealer license for its US retail entity, BYTON Cars California, LLC,
  • and a distributor license for its North American distribution entity, BTON Americas, LLC,

which combined, will become the foundation of the new hybrid retail model in the U.S. market.

The first element is the California dealer license, which allows it to sell and lease cars directly within the state, as well as sell directly in other states (online). Additionally, retail partners will be used to sell and service cars in North America.

"The California distributor license - along with the establishment of BYTON Americas,LLC - will facilitate the sale and service of vehicles using BYTON's own infrastructure as well as through highly-competent, established automotive retail and aftersales service partners. This innovative approach will allow BYTON to deliver best-in-class customer experience with the unique advantage of efficiently scaling its business leveraging capable partners across North America.

The California dealer license, secured under BYTON Cars California, LLC will make it possible to sell and lease directly to BYTON customers in the state. In addition, this license will also make it possible to directly retail vehicles to customers in other states."

Jose Guerrero, Managing Director, BYTON Americas, LLC said:

"From the beginning we believed that a hybrid retail model was essential in order to provide BYTON customers with the best possible ownership experience. We're building a retail model that has never been attempted in the US. It is important that we put the right pieces in place now in order to make the BYTON experience easy and enjoyable when we launch in the the US in 2021."

Market launch of the first model - Byton M-Byte is scheduled for mid-2020 (China), and 2021 in Europe and North America.

Gallery: BYTON M-Byte at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

BYTON M-Byte specs:

  • Battery (option 1): 72 kWh (useful capacity) for 360 km (224 miles) of WLTP range or 430 km (267 miles) of NEDC range
  • Battery (option 2): 95 kWh (useful capacity) for 435 km (270 miles) of WLTP range 550 km (342 miles) of NEDC range
  • liquid cooling battery, consisting of prismatic CATL lithium-ion cells
  • Powertrain (option 1): 200 kW rear-wheel drive and 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.5 seconds
  • Powertrain (option 2): 300 kW all-wheel drive (200 kW rear and 150 kW front) and 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.5 seconds
  • permanent magnet synchronous motors supplied by Bosch
  • top speed of 190 km/h (118 mph)
  • Fast charging 0-80% (up to 120 kW/150 kW respectively for 72 kWh/95 kWh packs) in 35 minutes
  • on-board charger for Europe - 7.4 kW 1-phase/11 kW 3-phase (standard) and 22 kW (3-phase option)
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