If you have the time and the money, this Tesla Model 3 aftermarket upgrade is truly intense.in a number of ways. Sure, there are plenty of aftermarket products and upgrades for just about every vehicle. However, we cover and support companies like Unplugged Performance, EVANNEX, and T Sportline since they focus on EVs, and more specifically, Tesla vehicles.

While some may think that only the wealthy reach out to such companies, buy aftermarket products, and/or pay for everything from basic wraps and coatings to full-on transformations, you'd be surprised at how many EV owners partake.

Huge Tesla fan, YouTuber, and amateur race car driver Erik Strait (DAErik) parted with his Model 3 for nearly two months to be one of the first to get the Unplugged Performance Ascension R treatment. Essentially, it transforms the Model 3 into a performance beast, as if it wasn't already.

The base Ascension R package will set you back some $35,000 and takes as long as eight weeks to complete. However, each owner that selects the option will be able to tweak the upgrades as needed and also get free driver coaching at a TeslaCorsa track event, since getting the best out of the newly upgraded performance car requires some know-how.

Check out Strait's video for all the details. Then, let us know what you think in the Comments.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance; Ascension R Reveal

I haven't seen my performance model 3 in almost 2 months! Finally I get to see it and the reveal. A lot of things I had no idea was going to happen.

Unplugged Performance: https://unpluggedperformance.com/

November 4, 2019 - Unplugged Performance debuts their Tesla Model 3 Ascension R complete car concept. The Unplugged Performance Model 3 Ascension R program is designed for track-focused users who want the ultimate in pure performance. Every Ascension R begins as a normal mass-produced Tesla Model 3 Performance, before being delivered to Unplugged’s Hawthorne, California facility for a complete bespoke reworking. Unplugged Performance sources new vehicles from Tesla for each build, as well as accepts existing used cars for the conversion process.

Total conversion costs for a complete Ascension R, begins at $35,000 USD (plus cost of the base vehicle) and takes approximately 4-8 weeks depending on specification. Every vehicle is built custom to each owner’s tastes, driving style and target use. Complimentary driver coaching at a TeslaCorsa track event is included with every purchase to get the most out of the car’s performance.

The Build Process:

Unplugged Performance thoroughly reworks the suspension with a custom race valved adjustable coilover suspension kit, along with billet adjustable front upper control arms, billet adjustable rear camber and toe arms and a beefier 3 way adjustable front/rear sway bar set with uprated bushings. The highly adjustable suspension and handling capabilities pair with massive 6 piston 15.5” uprated brakes and competition brake pads. Unplugged Performance 20” wheels shod with Michelin Cup 2 tires are then fitted. The wheels are custom machined out of 6061-T6 billet APP forgings, the same forgings used by Koenigsegg and Lamborghini, and every set is FEA optimized and specifically engineered to the specific build’s desired spec and use. Wheel weights range from 19.6-21.0lbs in 20” with tire sizings up to 305mm wide.

Well balanced complete aerodynamics further assist in the increase of extreme handling and grip at high speeds. The Ascension R aerodynamic package was developed over the course of a year long CFD research and engineering.

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