Hyundai Motorsport does not waste time and just completed the first two-day track testing of its all-new Veloster N ETCR racing car after unveiling the car at the 2019 IAA.

This is just the beginning of an extensive development program that will continue over several months to be fully prepared for the new ETCR championship in 2020.

The video from the Hungaroring circuit near Budapest in Hungary, provided by Hyundai Motorsport, reveals that Veloster N ETCR is not only quick but also quite loud - the sound reminds us of a jet engine.

"The brand new car completed two days at the Hungaroring near Budapest last weekend, completing the test trouble-free. The days at the circuit – already an established part of the FIA WTCR and TCR Europe calendars – allowed the engineers to learn more about the chassis balance on the technical circuit, and to begin to harness the power from the mid-mounted electric motor to maximize performance and efficiency."

"The mid-mounted motor and rear-wheel-drive layout are also firsts for the Alzenau, Germany based team. With batteries fitted in the floor of the design, and double-wishbone rear suspension the chassis is radically different from any previous Hyundai Motorsport project, increasing the importance of each testing session.

The project is expected to lay the foundations for a new pillar within the company as it expands into new technology that is increasingly relevant to Hyundai’s road-going range. The development of the Veloster N ETCR will also help drive the development of future high-performance electric car designs."

Hyundai Motorsport Team Director Andrea Adamo said:

“The first test for any new project is always a very important date, but with the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR it takes on greater significance. It is our first electric race car, and our first chassis to have a mid-mounted motor and rear-wheel-drive. We have shown with the i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR that we can produce a very strong Touring Car, but now we have a lot to learn about this new package before the racing starts in 2020. The next few months will be very busy – we essentially have two challenges; we have to develop the chassis, but also learn to use the power from the batteries and motors effectively. However, with the testing schedule ahead I am confident that our engineers will be able to produce another race winning car.”

Hyundai Veloster N ETCR specs:

  • all-electric
  • rear-wheel-drive with a mid-mounted motor

Gallery: Hyundai Veloster N ETCR at the Hungaroring

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