We'll start by admitting, it's true that some Tesla vehicles have seemingly spontaneously caught fire over the years. This is especially true as of late. A handful of Tesla Model S sedans have just burst into flames, with little information as to the cause.

With the above being said — and despite the fact that these incidents get tons of negative media attention — EVs catching fire is very rare. This is especially true when it's not related to some terrible collision which potentially punctures or outright destroys the battery pack.

Keep in mind, gas cars catch fire all the time. Again, not so often in spontaneous and unexplained fashion, but it certainly does happen. Nonetheless, it's uncommon for it to make mainstream headlines. When it comes to gas-powered cars going up in flames following an accident, this is a daily occurrence that rarely, if almost ever, gets media attention.

Once we begin to ask ourselves why the above is so, we start wondering about miscellaneous external factors, criminal activity, and even outright sabotage. In most cases, people wouldn't set out to purposefully set fire to cars in an attempt to cause negative press and sabotage a company's well-being and success. However, in the case of Tesla — especially based on the history of such situations — entertaining such thoughts is not unwarranted.

We're not here to say that most issues with Tesla vehicles, such as major design flaws and sudden, unexplained fires can all be attributed to sabotage. Honestly, in reality, the chances of this happening are likely slim. But, we do know that it does happen. We also know that we have to take all Tesla-related "news" with a grain of salt due to all of the above. 

At any rate, a recent tweet shows video of a Tesla Model X up in flames and eventually burned to a crisp. Local surveillance cameras in China seem to prove that a man intentionally set fire to the vehicle. Hopefully, we'll have more concrete information surrounding the situation in the near future.

In the meantime, check out the recent tweet below:


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