Tesla owner and YouTuber Daniel Spalding shares newly updated display screen visualizations in the Tesla Model 3. More specifically, he showcases what happens when you put the car into drive. You'll see from the video that it now goes from a quick, animated top view of the car directly to a side or "road" view.

Spalding calls is a little bit "squirrelly," at least we assume that's what he says. But, in the end, he admits that the new animations are altogether quite cool. As you approach an object while parking, it visually shows the parking sensor mode on the screen.

Moreover, if you're turning the car, the screen "turns" as well. Spalding shares that even so much as activating the turn signal will show up on the screen, though you can't actually see it in the video. The screen also shows that your headlights are on, but it doesn't get brighter if you switch on the high beams.

Eventually, according to Tesla, the screen will begin to show stop lights and other surrounding situations. We're definitely pretty excited to see all of this forward progress. These incremental updates are clearly part of the upcoming transition to Tesla's full self-driving tech release.

Have you experienced any recent over-the-air updates to your Tesla vehicle? If so, scroll down and provide us with some feedback in the comment section.

Video Description via Daniel Spalding via YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Updated Visualizations

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