How does the Jaguar I-Pace crossover fare when driven by a hardcore gearhead?

We're far from surprised that the review starts out by talking about Tesla. Of course, this gearhead wants to point out that the Silicon Valley automaker should not be the only company producing compelling EVs. Welcome the Jaguar I-Pace as a beginning of a time that more legacy automakers will be bringing worthy electric vehicles to market. One could actually argue that the Jaguar launch of its small electric crossover -- which has racked up rave reviews and many awards -- could mark the beginning of the growing trend toward successful, OEM-produced EVs.

There's no doubt that the 2019 I-Pace is handsome inside. That makes perfect sense since Jaguar/Land Rover has proven a reputation for sumptuous cabins. On the outside, the I-Pace is, um ... "unique." Some may argue that it's a fascinating design, while others aren't quite sold. After our extensive time with the I-Pace, we felt the interior and exterior were incredible. Not to mention the crossover's insane prowess.

The I-Pace joins a growing list of cars that are marketed as SUVs -- or at least crossovers -- due to higher ride height and/or considerable off-road prowess. But, it's interesting to hear what a gas-loving, hardcore gearhead thinks of the car as a whole.

Is it really a Tesla Model X competitor? Well, not really, at least in terms of sizing. Sure, the Model X is a marshmallow-shaped, battery-electric minivan of sorts, but it's still much larger and offers significantly more versatility, much like a traditional SUV. However, with few all-electric rivals on the market, there's not much to compare the I-Pace to.

At any rate, check out this interesting review compliments of The Smoking Tire.

Video Description via TheSmokingTire on YouTube:

2019 Jaguar iPace - One Take

The iPace is Jaguar's handsome offering to the EV market. Two electric motors power the front and rear wheels, making 394HP and 512TQ, and push it to 60MPH in 4.5s. It also has a 240-mile range, but as Matt discovered, recharging can be an issue...

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