A skating rink is no match for the Tesla Model 3.

Some people have commented that these shares about EVs -- and specifically Tesla vehicles -- faring well on winter roads are silly. Basically, people often assert that any peppy, rear-wheel-drive sports sedan with winter tires would perform much the same on snow and ice as the Tesla Model 3. However, while there may be some exceptions, this is surely not the case for a few reasons.

What makes the Model 3 -- or any Tesla or other battery-electric car -- a good choice for driving on slick surfaces?

As we've explained before, the Model 3's skateboard battery pack provides a significant amount of evenly distributed weight, which helps a ton (no pun intended). So, really, it makes no difference that the car gets its power from the rear. The reason rear-wheel drive has a bad reputation on snowy, icy roads is a lack of weight out back (in many vehicles). This is why pickup truck drivers may load their truck's bed with sandbags or weights in the winter (it's also why we need all-electric pickup trucks pronto, but that's grounds for another article). Similarly, a rear-wheel drive sports car with its heavy engine up front is not going to handle snow and ice very well.

The other factor involved is modern traction control, which is present in most of today's cars. It works so well that it may actually work against you in some cases. For instance, you can have the pedal to the metal and remain at a standstill as the traction control system fully limits the car's power to the wheels. However, electric cars have a healthy amount of instantaneous torque, which can work in your favor, especially since it's paired with that heavy, even weight distribution mentioned above. Add some good winter tires to the equation and you've got yourself a car that is likely to impress in slick conditions.

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Video Description via DaxM on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 on ICE

Let’s see how the Tesla Model 3 performs on complete ice. Acceleration and braking with Michelin X-Ice winter tires.

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