Winter can be difficult on any car. Teslas included.

The Tesla Model 3 is not without flaws. In fact, there's been a lot of complaints about various issues in the winter. This video covers those problems and offers some fixes too.

Ideally, Tesla would work to address these issues, which it tried to in an over-the-air update, but that can only do so much.

The real issue with the Model 3 is in the door handle design. It's just not suitable for areas where it's wet and then immediately very cold. The handles freeze with ease and that's a problem.

As for the charge port latch, this is surprisingly all-too-common on electric cars. It actually affects quite a few EVs and that's a problem too because connecting and disconnecting the cable is necessary to charge and to drive.

Do these fixes presented in the video work? Watch for yourself to find out.

Video description:

We put some interesting winter weather fixes to the test in this video.

Stay driving with the techniques shared to open frozen door handles and thaw your charge port latch (does a hand warmer actually work?)!

What ways do you fix your winter ailments (and don’t say move somewhere warm)?

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