Real-world speeds, real-world conditions.

The Jaguar I-Pace is rated by the EPA to return 234 miles on a single charge. That doesn't mean, of course, that every driver will hit that number. If your daily route includes lots of city miles, you may get more. Roll down higher-speed highways on the regular and you'll likely see less. In the video above, Kate, of the EV-centric YouTube channel James and Kate, takes the luxury all-electric crossover down some motorways in England in order to assess what sort of result owners might expect when traveling at 70 miles per hour.

It is, of course, winter in the UK, and so it was a chilly 9 degrees Celcius (48.2 Fahrenheit) outside, according to the display on the dash. Fully charged, the Big Cat informs us that it expects to travel only 195 miles. Of course, this readout is based on a calculation derived from how it has been recently driven. Jackrabbit starts and high speeds will make the "Guess O'Meter" exhibit a low number, conservative and slow driving would result in a higher prediction.

After a few miles of in-town driving, Kate makes it to the motorway and gets the speed up to 70 mph. Aside from a few miles where she was forced to slow down a bit, she manages to maintain that pace for most of the trip. She remarks that she really enjoys the Jaguar's lane-keep assist feature. She also likes the various display screens that are available in the car. We note that as she discusses this, the energy monitor says the I-Pace is using 48.3 kWh/100 miles in the "Trip Auto summary" readout.

With the Jag indicating only 14 miles left, Kate pulls off to recharge the battery back to full. With the car calculating an average speed of 60 mph for the trip, she had managed to cover 163.7 miles. That adds up to 177.7 miles altogether, which is a significant 56.3 miles short of the EPA test.

Kate concludes the video with a quick comparison to their Tesla Model S 75. With 72.6 usable kWh in that pack, she says has done a similar run and gotten 224 miles — the EPA rates the dual motor version of that cat at 259 miles, a 35-mile difference from her test result.

Video description:

Today, after many requests I'll be testing out the full range of the new Jaguar I-Pace at motorway speeds. This is the First Edition model with 22" alloys and the outside temp was 9 degrees.

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