10% of passenger cars in Norway are either all-electric or plug-in hybrid.

Recently, we reported that all-electric accounts for about the 6.5% of total number of passenger cars in Norway where sales of plug-ins already exceed 50% on a monthly basis.

After October, it seems that we can announce that 10% of passenger cars in Norway are plug-ins. That's unbelievable if yo consider that on one hand you can count all of the countries where market share is 10% or more.

According to official data (OFV and Norsk elbilforening) - as of the end of September - there were:

  • 2,728,043
  • 183,637 BEVs
  • 89,922 PHEVs
Including 13,616 additional registrations in October (including 4,496 new BEVs, 1,094 used BEVs and 1,970 new PHEVs) there is about 281,119 plug-ins in a market of almost 2.741 million cars, which translates to 10.2%. We assume that there could be some inaccuracies, but without doubt, the 10% mark was reached.

About 6.9% of the fleet is all-electric and another 3.3% is plug-in hybrid.

The question is whether Norway will be able to reach 20% by the end of 2019 or rather will it be in the range of 15-20%.

Hat tip to Emc2!!!

source: OFV, Norsk elbilforening

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