Here is the first all-electric Mobile Lung Unit (eMLU)

Samsung's NeuroLogica, Winnebago Industries and Motiv Power Systems jointly developed an all-electric Mobile Healthcare Vehicle - Mobile Lung Unit (eMLU), available on display in San Francisco, at both CALSTART's Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero Workshop on September 11th and the Global Climate Action Summit September 12-14.

The eMLU is based on the Ford F-53 and can go 85-125 miles (136-200 km) on a single charge, which sounds like it's more than enough to move from one site to another. On-board equipment includes the world's first portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner.


According to the press release, the eMLU will bring $150,000-$200,000 in combined diesel fuel and maintenance savings over the long-term.

"With the goal to increase patient access to healthcare through a mobile unit with reduced vehicle emissions, Winnebago Industries, Inc. (NYSE : WGO ) announced today the development of the first all-electric Mobile Lung Unit (eMLU). Powered by a Ford F-53 based EPIC® 6 all-electric chassis from Motiv Power Systems, the specialty healthcare vehicle features the state-of-the-art Samsung NeuroLogica BodyTom Elite ®, the world's first portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner.

The eMLU vehicle is wrapped featuring the American Lung Association and the Ad Council's Saved By The Scan initiative to promote the early detection of lung cancer through screening. According to the American Lung Association, approximately 8 million people in the U.S. are at high risk for lung cancer and are eligible for screening. While the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends lung cancer screening through low-dose CT scanners for those considered at high risk, screening is currently underutilized. To help increase awareness and availability of screening for those considered high risk, the eMLU can travel city-to-city to provide easy access to lung diagnostic services.  Individuals can take a lung cancer screening eligibility quiz at"

"Mobile Lung Unit features:

  • The world's first portable, battery-powered, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner, BodyTom, featuring an innovative internal drive system that can be easily transported
  • Motiv Power Systems all-electric/zero-emissions EPIC chassis, removing the need to idle an engine
  • Vehicle holds enough charge for eight hours of service plus round-trip travel to and from its home facility
  • Vehicle charges to half its full capacity in two hours and 75 percent of capacity in four hours
  • Vehicle has completed significant road testing and delivers an expected range of 85 to 125 miles on a full charge.

Winnebago partnered with Motiv Power Systems, Inc., the U.S. market leader in chassis for medium-duty electric vehicles, for the development and supply of the EPIC all-electric powered chassis after their joint strategic partnership announcement earlier this year. Based on the average cost of fuel in the US, the eMLU is expected to save $150,000-$200,000 in combined diesel fuel and maintenance savings. Winnebago anticipates the ROI of eMLU vehicles compared to internal combustion engine versions to be as little as three years."

Ashis Bhattacharya, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Development, and leader of Winnebago's Specialty Vehicles Division said:

"We are proud to help increase access to life-saving lung cancer screenings in the clean, quiet and emissions free environment of the first all-electric Mobile Lung Unit. As states provide incentives and broaden anti-idling laws, we expect the medical community to adopt the customizable all-electric community outreach vehicle for a variety of functions, such as lung cancer screening, asthma management and support, blood donation, dentistry or primary care."

David Webster, Chief Operating Officer of NeuroLogica said:

"Health systems are continuously looking for more efficient ways to deliver high-quality care to patients in the community, especially those patients beyond their immediate sphere of care. One way to do this is through the use of mobile medical units. With its self-sufficient battery power, the BodyTom Elite-equipped electric Winnebago is ideally suited for these mobile care environments, while doing so the "green" way. We look forward to patients receiving emissions-free lung cancer screenings with the electric mobile lung unit."

Jim Castelaz, Motiv CEO & Founder said:

"The world's first all-electric Mobile Lung Unit is a big milestone in the trend of bringing care direct to the consumer without harming patients, health, or the environment. Motiv's Ford eQVM approved EPIC all-electric chassis, paired with Winnebago Industries' highly regarded commercial shell, brings unparalleled reliable performance and functionality as we work together to electrify the speciality vehicle market."

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