Larry Benjamin recently shared his experience from a Tesla Model 3 trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Tesla Model 3 at LA Auto Show

Tesla Model 3 at LA Auto Show

The car, rated for 310 miles of EPA range, in theory should be able to drive the 279 mile distance on a single (100%) charge at 65-70 mph. To find out if it can in reality, Benjamin tested it out.

Benjamin reached his destination using 62 kWh of energy (220 Wh/mile) with 44 more miles left and didn't needed to Supercharge along the route at all.

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He notes that his Model 3 operates just fine and says that after three months, he's covered more than 4,000 miles without problems. The performance is superb, handling is excellent and, though it takes some time, you can get used to the touch screen.

Sounds like a satisfied customer.

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