ITAP Inc. has designed a do-it-yourself electric car to challenge any current long-range production EVs.

In order to show the potential of ITAP's hybrid recycling method, they pit a Tesla Model S P90D, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and "The Phoenix" against each other on a highway range test. All cars are fully charged, and all will travel the same route, under the same conditions, with professional drivers.

"The Phoenix" is a salvaged BMW that ITAP dragged out of a junkyard. It is made up of 88 percent recycled materials (by weight). The cars weighs a total of 3,960 pounds. The battery and the controller are completely recycled. It cost ITAP $12,900 in total to prepare the car for its voyage.

The cars travel a 362 mile round trip route in California from Chatsworth to San Luis Obispo.

  • The Nissan LEAF dies first at 81 miles
  • The Tesla Model S P90D is next out of the race at 238.2 miles (the car shows 2 miles remaining)
  • The Chevrolet Bolt impresses with 271.5 before dying
  • The Phoenix blows a fuse at 340.3 miles, with 32 percent power still remaining

    ITAP recycles everything. They company doesn't believe in throwing anything away. The Phoenix is proof that old parts can be refreshed and repurposed successfully, to save money and our environment. How about all those VW's sitting at the Rivian plant?
If the Phoenix was able to complete its journey, it would have been able to travel well over 400 miles.

ITAP Inc. (IT Asset Partners) specializes in Electronic Asset Management, Reverse Logistics, and Recycling. Basically, ITAP works to make the best use of company's assets by "re-integrating new life cycles into old electronics." This process leads to less waste, sustainability, and a cleaner environment.

Eric Lundgren adds some details on the car via the comment community:

Our battery pack is 125KWh currently and still under GVWR of 4,200/LBS for this 1997 BMW Frame.

The entire car was built in a total of (35) days. The car was built in a back-yard and my two (2) engineers were paid in Keystone Light. The video above was her maiden voyage; never before had she been driven..

I look forward to posting another video in the upcoming months of the "ITAP Recycled Electric Car" going farther than 425+ Miles! I hope this video can help educate the public on Hybrid Recycling, Re-Use and that this new World Record will show the world what is possible with EV's and battery technology.

As Per Our Price:

It was less than $13K total and has two (2) onboard chargers to speed up the 3 Phase charge time. Since the batteries were re-purposed from all different types of electronics; it kept our overall price low. This allowed us to successfully build the longest range EV (at highway speeds) in the world at the lowest price point of all ev's. All thanks to HYBRID RECYCLING!!

Video Description via Eric Lundgren on YouTube:

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the ITAP Recycle Car known as "The Phoenix"... To demonstrate Hybrid Recycling Solutions; we have just beat the World Record for Electric Vehicle Range @ Highway Speeds! (70+MPH) (340+ Miles on a Single Charge!)

This Range-Race at highway speeds is between Tesla, General Motors, Nissan, and ITAP. I hope this video helps to demonstrate the power of Hybrid Recycling.

Thank You For Watching!

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This video is an educational tool to demonstrate Hybrid Recycling.

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