Finland has an ace up its sleeve in terms of installed electric vehicle charging.  In a country with 3 million cars, more than 1 million parking spaces are already equipped with electric poles for engine heaters.

Via a simple process all those poles can be turned into charging stations, including features of remote control, and monthly invoicing for electricity consumed.

Jiri Räsänen, CEO of Parking Energy (Parkkisähkö) encourages more EVs in Finland in connection with the Tesla Model 3 debut today - "Elon, We Are Ready !"

About Parking Energy (Parkkisähkö) via Daniela N:

"In the Parking Energy system, old block heater poles are updated with smart poles. Parking Energy operates like mobile phone operators; the subscriber pays a monthly fee and is invoiced for the electricity used. Parking Energy combines the traditional heating of the internal combustion engine cars and the charging of electric cars into one seamless service.

The same subscription functions everywhere you can see the Parking Energy sign. There is no need for entering credit card information, no PIN codes, no coins, no separate payment cards; even sending text messages is not needed anymore. There are no mechanical keys in the Parking Energy system as the users are recognized based on NFC tags. Using the service is effortless and precise.
The user may set the time for heating the car using an Android or iOS smart phone or via the Internet. Everyone has unexpected comings and goings every now and then that cannot be planned ahead. In those cases, the traditional car heating method with a preset timing will not help. Instead, the Parking Energy user can start the heating using their smart phone right away when needed and will enjoy a warm car.

The smart pole also saves electricity as the heating can be adjusted according to the prevailing outdoor temperature."

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