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Finding the perfect bike rack for the Tesla Model X can be somewhat challenging due to the back-in setup of most Tesla Supercharger stations. You don't want your precious Model X hanging out in the lot with the associated risk of it being hit, nor do you want to be that guy/gal who blocks multiple Supercharger stalls while parking across several parking sites.

Teslarati recently set out to find the perfect Model X bike rack and believes it found the answer in the Yakima FullSwing Bike Hitch Rack. Yes, Tesla markets its own bike rack for the X, but it's actually just a rebranded Yakima with a $100 markup and it doesn't swing out of the way to allow for easy access the the SUV's cargo area or to allow room for backing into a Supercharger spot.

The Yakima FullSwing Bike Hitch Rack is a full $100 less than the Tesla-branded rack, yet it adds a cool swing-out feature that solves any Supercharger parking issues and allows the hatch to open freely.

Teslarati goes into tremendous details as to why it believes the FullSwing rack is perfect for the X, so be sure to check out the write up in its entirety by clicking here.

Interest in buying the Yakima FullSwing? You'll find it on Amazon here.

More images of bike rack at source link below.

Source: Teslarati

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