Tesla Model 3 - Looking Natural...<em>not suspecting the Internet was about to come for it</em>

Tesla CEO Elon Musk opened the door recently for soliciting ideas from the community (via Twitter) on improving the freshly debuted Model 3...and the Internet did not disappoint.

Today, Aaron Gold at Forbes highlighted some more "improvements" suggested for the lack of front grille on the upcoming inexpensive Tesla, many via a TeslaMotorsClub thread (here).

And like the image above, some caught our eye as well, such as this render (below) from James Anders:

Tesla Model 3 Front

Again, we personally like the Model 3 front end just as Mr. Musk intended it to be....we find it refreshingly unique, saying "hey I'm different, I'm an electric car".

With that disclaimer out of the way, and acknowledging we aren't the final say on the front end design of the Model 3, we also just have to pass a long this enterprising idea from David Burns (via Jalopnik - who also highlights many of the Internet's more 'artful' solutions)

Burns suggested a line of stick-on grille graphics recently envisioned (a selection of which below) - of which he is selling online to finance his own Model 3.  And also of which, you can "reserve" today for $5...with a balance of $70 due when production begins.

Says Tesla3Grilles on the product:

Tesla Model 3 Grille -

"The reviews are in: you pre-ordered a Tesla 3 and it’s going to be amazing…other than that front end. Don’t say they forgot the grille, killed the grille, or made a design fail. Instead, turn that big blank space your canvas. Express yourself with a vinyl graphic from Tesla 3 Grilles and create a Tesla 3 that’s all your own, as unique as you are.

Tesla 3 Grilles are available in more than a dozen styles in multiple colors. Or have us design something completely original just for you. (COMING SOON)"

Tesla3Grilles further adds Tesla 3 Grill will be:

  • High quality exterior-grade vinyl
  • UV Resistant – take it to the beach
  • Waterproof – park it too close to the waves
  • Removable – no glue or residue left behind
  • Designed and produced in the USA


Forbes, Jalopnik, hat tip to sven!

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