2016 Chevy Volt - Props To Our Anonymous Photoshopper
2016 Chevy Volt Cutaway

The next-generation 2016 Chevy Volt will get a slight upgrade in the charging power department, as compared to today's Volt.

For 2016, the Volt will get a 3.6 kW onboard charger, up from the 3.3 kW offered today.

It's not the 6.6 kW that current Volt owners are demanding though, so it's a let down for sure.

This development is pretty much exactly in line with what we predicted 4 months ago after hearing GM electrification boss Larry Nitz describe the next gen Volt as "better in everyway...that we think the customers really like" - at the time faster charging was not included as a perceived want of the consumer.

Why 3.6 kW?  Our guess is that with the 2016's increased useable battery capacity, General Motors is aiming to maintain or slightly improve charge times.  3.6 kW will allow the next-gen Volt to fully recharge in the same amount of time as today's Volt, despite more useable battery capacity.

MSN speculates:

"The bump in charge power was likely controlled by Chevy’s findings on its Volt owners. A May 2012 USA Today report revealed roughly half of Volt drivers rely on their “Level 1” 110/120V trickle charger for overnight battery top-offs. At either 8- or 12-amp capability off the household receptacle, roughly half of all Volts would never realize the full 3.3- or 3.6-kW capacity. The 2016 Volt’s more energy-dense battery pack will have a greater amount of energy (20.5 kW-hours is our guess) with a deeper discharge cycle, meaning the 0.3 kW uptick will be mighty helpful for those at the “Level 2” spigot (208-240 volts)."

Source: MSN

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