If you own a Nissan LEAF, you are probably aware that the locking mechanism to secure your L1 charging unit is, well...a little flimsy.

InsideEVs reader (and AVÉQ forum admin) François recently had his 2013 LEAF's charging cord lifted (2011/2012 LEAFs did not have a locking system) - a very expensive proposition to replace (at least if you look to reacquire the unit from Nissan), and passed on to us a nifty video (click subtitles for English) he made of how to steal a replacement one back easy it is to have one stolen.

As a solution to the problem, Franck compiled a pictorial walkthrough of ways to more effectively guard your EV's charging cord in public areas.  (You can also check out his thread on the subject (in French) at the Forums AVÉQ)

The most common that prevents the handle to lift method, even if the lock on the charging port is not engaged (via AVEQ forums)
Simple method that could be enough to deter a thief (via AVEQ forums)
Another method that requires to have mags designed to be able to run the wire. (via AVEQ forums)
Permanent method of the type of positioning the EVSE in the engine compartment (via AVEQ forums)
Then pass the extension and the gun on the sides and close the hood. (via AVEQ forums)
A little more trouble, but probably very effective, unless the thief is equipped with a
Finally, the method Franck has adopted, to the EVSE crossed in the suitcase (via AVEQ forums)
Tailgate the first
Franck adds additional security by blocking the EVSE inside the bag, with a small metal hook underneath the carpet. (via AVEQ forums)

Our thanks to François for the video and walkthroughs!

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