Nissan LEAF

Nissan again improved its LEAF sales result in Japan.

In 2013, 13,021 LEAFs were sold in Japan, which is a new record.  13,021 is a full 17% more than the 11,115 LEAFs sold in Japan in 2012.

December 2013 sales results for the LEAF in Japan was 1,235 units sold. marking the fourth month in a row with above 1,200 LEAFs sold.

This 1,200 unit figure is solidly above the 1,085 average level for LEAF sales in Japan for 2013

Perhaps we will see over 15,000 LEAFs sold in Japan in 2014?

Since its debut, LEAF sales have reached 34,465 cumulatively in Japan.  Only the US, with 42,122 LEAF sold is ahead of Japan.  But that's an unfair comparison given the size and population of the US.

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