Renault ZOE

Electric car sales have been on the rise in most markets for a few years in a row.

In France, we see sales up 50% last year versus 2012.

In total, 13,954 new battery-electric cars were registered in France in 2013, from which 8,779 were passenger cars (up 55%) and 5,175 light commercial vans (up 42%).

Comparing this number to the 1,790,473 registrations of passenger cars and 367,331 LCVs in France in 2013, we see market share for BEVs of 0.49% and 1.4% on average for the year.

Renault is the leader in its home market with almost 63% of market share in the passenger EV segment (thanks to 5,511 ZOEs sold) and over 80% in electric LCVs (thanks to 4,174 Kangoo Z.E.s sold).

Nissan had a strong December (166 LEAFs) and finished in a strong second place overall with 1,438 LEAFs sold in France in 2013. Bollore was third with 658 Bluecars. Electric smart jumped to fourth reaching almost 500 (478) after 100 and 130 were sold in November and December respectively.

In 2013, Mia sold 201, Peugeot iOn 178, Citroen C-Zero 80, Mitsubishi i-MiEV 38, so a total of 296 for the triplets. The BMW i3 ended 2013 with just 68 units sold and Volkswagen e-up! surged to 64 thanks to 40 sold last month.

Renault Fluence Z.E. with 18 is one unit above Tesla Model S, which had just 17 (but this is more a joke than a comparison).

Thanks to our reader Benoit (hat tip!!!) we also know that “quadricycles” like the Renault Twizy sold 855 units in France last year.

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