Chevrolet Spark EV in South Korea

As we know from previous reports, GM deferred the launch of Chevy Spark EV in Europe, but in South Korea, the first deliveries of the electric Spark began just a few days ago.

The base price without subsidies in South Korea is 39.9 million won (approximately $37,500 US).  However, South Korea offers a generous purchase subsidy of 15 million won ($14,100 US) on electric vehicles, which brings the price of the Spark EV down to $23,400 US, or thereabouts.

Of note: GM Korea's media says the Spark EV has 105 kW of power, which is 5 kW above the U.S. specification.  Hmm...

The Spark EVs are produced in Changwon, South Korea at GM's facility that recently got new 3 MW photovoltaic array.

According to media reports, since May of 2013, GM Korea shipped approximately 1,000 Spark EVs from Changwon to the U.S.

There's no word on how many Spark EVs General Motors expects to sell annually in South Korea.

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