BMW i3

With BMW officially announcing the price of the i3, we've now turned our attention towards hunting down all of the specific details.

BMW—like most all automakers—has media/press sites for all of the individual countries it operates in.

See Where That Range Extender Fits In?

So, here from BMW's Netherlands-specific media site, comes first word of a confirmed price for the i3's range extender option (via Google translate):

"The BMW i3 is available from 35,500 euros ($46,795 US) and with range extender available from 39,990 euros ($52,715 US)."

That means that, in the Netherlands, the i3's range-extending option costs 4,490 euros or $5,919 US.

It is unlikely that $5,919 is what BMW will charge for the range extender in the US, as that price also includes a Euro VAT charge of over $1,200.  The extender is about $4,650 before the tax is applied.

BMW has not officially announced US pricing for the range extender yet.

However, this  announcement does lead us to believe that those $2,000 ballpark estimates that were thrown around a couple week backs are way off the mark.  We suspect the i3's range extending option will cost $4,000 or more in the US.

A portion of the non-Google-translated BMW press release is pasted below for your enjoyment:

"München/Rijswijk. De nieuwe BMW i3 wordt leverbaar vanaf 35.500 euro en is met een range extender verkrijgbaar vanaf 39.990 euro. Het leasetarief is 599 euro per maand (ex BTW), op basis van Full Operational Lease, een looptijd van 48 maanden en een kilometrage van 15.000 km per jaar. De eerste volledig elektrisch aangedreven BMW voor serieproductie arriveert in november op de Nederlandse markt. De BMW i3 beleeft zijn wereldpremière op 29 juli en wordt tegelijkertijd in Londen, Peking en New York onthuld."

Source: BMW

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