Earlier this year we speculated that a price drop on the Focus Electric might be en route to do some curious tinkering happening at Ford's online inventory search, and a recent check on new 2014 Focus Electric inventory window stickers has apparently confirmed that has taken place.

Focus Electric Window Sticker Reflects New Pricing

Although all of Ford's promotional material and online website still show a MSRP of $39,200  (+ $795 in destination charges), the actual "window stickers" on new 2014 Ford Focus Electrics tell a different story.

A $4,000 dollar different story, as new inventory now has a starting MSRP of $35,200.

As this appeared to be a case of some data slipping out before a planned announcement for the 2014 Focus Electric's launch next week, we got in touch with Ford for some new price confirmation.

And refreshingly...they did!

"...the 2014 Focus Electric offers customers a fully-contented, all-electric vehicle option. The new starting MSRP of $35,200 keeps us competitive in the marketplace and is an important part of our commitment to provide customers with a range of electrified vehicles to choose from" - Amanda Zusman, Ford Spokesperson

Also of interest from this year's sticker is the 6.6kW charging time has "officially" been reduced from 4 hours to 3.6 hours.  The Ford continues to be rated at 76 miles of range, with a combined "fuel" efficiency of 105 MPGe (110 city/99 highway)

Separately, we heard from General Motors today that it did not plan on disclosing 2014 Chevrolet Volt pricing until next month.  However, we imagine this move by Ford, along with the growing industry trend of lowering plug-in vehicle MSRPs will lead the GM to follow suit with the 2014 Volt.

2014 Ford Focus Electric Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

If you want to check it out for yourself, head on over to Ford's website and configure a Focus Electric yourself, then search dealer inventory.  Once you have found a Focus Electric, click "view window sticker" to see that car's specific details.

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