Routines are important. Most of us eat meals at the same times, Monday through Friday, work out on a regular schedule, and love to plan time for our favorite shows, video series, and, yes, podcasts. To that end, we’ve been bringing you the InsideEVs podcast, live and fully charged, at 9:30 AM Eastern, for years. 

Unfortunately, we have a small break with tradition, and your podcast consumption routine, today. The IEV Pod team is taking a break this week and behind the scenes we’re retooling the show a bit, as well. The goal, as ever, is to bring you the absolute best, most insightful, and most entertaining electric vehicle podcast on the planet. 

If watching the pod has been part of your Friday routine – well, first, thanks so much! – don’t worry, we’ll be getting back to our regular schedule in just a few weeks. In the meantime please pardon our dust, and watch this space for more.

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