With the 2022 holiday season upon us, we put together a list of a few items that we think the EV enthusiast in your life would appreciate. From inexpensive stocking stuffers to a powerful fat-tire e-bike that's just as well suited for commuting as it is for weekend play. 

Here's our list starting from the least expensive:

Under $15.00

Tesla connector lock

J1772 to Tesla adapter lock

These J1772 adapter locks are a must-have for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners if they use public charging stations. Since Tesla uses its own connector, an adapter is necessary to use any public level 2 charging station that isn't made by Tesla. 

However, since the connector is what gets locked to the car while charging, the adapter can be disconnected from the J1772 connector, ending the charging session. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when another EV owner arrives at the charging station and unplugs the Tesla so they can charge their EV. These simple inexpensive locks prevent that from happening and lock the J1772 connector to the Tesla adapter. 

Under $25.00

Drive electric mug

Drive Electric Coffee Mug

EV owners are proud of the fact that they plug in as opposed to filling up and often like to let others know it. 

This cute coffee mug does the talking for you while you're enjoying your favorite brew. 

Under $80.00

Tesla wall connector color matched faceplate

Tesla Wall Connector Color Matched Faceplate

A few months ago Tesla announced that they would be offering four different colored faceplates that match Tesla paint colors. The faceplates are available in Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Red Multi-Coat, and Solid Black.

If you have a Tesla Wall connector with the standard white glass faceplate, we think these new colored faceplates will add some style to your garage, even if you don't get it in the same color as your Tesla.

Under $130.00

48-amp Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Non-Tesla EV owners that want to charge their EV from a Tesla Wall Connector or at Tesla destination stations need to purchase a Tesla to J1772 adapter. There are actually a lot of different products on the market today, and they come in a variety of shapes as well as power outputs.

We like the Lectron 48-amp adapter pictured above because of its compact size, power output, build quality, and the fact that it's UL certified. 

Under $160.00

Schumacher rugged lithium jump starter

Schumacher Portable Power Pack 1,250A Jump Starter

Sooner or later, everybody needs a jump start, and it usually happens at the worst time possible. That's why you should always be prepared. The Schumacher Rugged line of lithium-ion portable jump starters is just the trick to keep you ready for action. 

In addition to jump-starting your car, the unit can charge your phone or laptop in a pinch since it has a USB power outlet. The powerful lithium-ion battery is capable of jump-starting a vehicle up to 30 times on a single charge. 

Under $200.00

Lectron CCS1 Tesla adapter

Tesla to CCS1 Adapter

Tesla does have the biggest and best high-speed DC fast charging network in the business, the Supercharger network. However, that doesn't mean they are always available and located where you need to charge. This year, Tesla began selling a Tesla to CCS1 adapter so Tesla owners whose vehicles are CCS1 enabled can charge from CCS DC fast chargers. 

However, the adapter frequently is back-ordered on the Tesla website and costs $250.00. Lectron recently came out with its own version that looks identical and has the same specifications as the official Tesla adapter. The Lectron adapter (currently on sale for $199.99) can deliver the same amount of power and currently costs more than $50 less than the adapter that Tesla sells. 

Under $275.00

Owl dashcam

Owlcam: $269.00

Everybody loves their EV and wants to keep it safe at all times. The Owlcam dashcam not only protects you by recording everything while you're driving but also records when you're not and the vehicle is powered off. 

You can stream live HD video from your Owlcam camera to your Owlcam mobile APP and receive alerts when there is AI detected unsafe or risky activity near the parked vehicle.

Over $1,500.00

Aventon Aventure eBike

Aventon Aventure eBike

OK, so you're looking for an electric gift for someone that already has it all. But do they have a really cool-looking, powerful, and fun-to-ride eBike? If not, and you have an extra $1,700.00 burning a hold in your pocket, then the Aventon Aventure eBike may be what you're looking for. 

The 1,130-watt, 48V brushless rear hub motor provides up to 45 miles of range and all the power you need for complete self-propelled speeds up to 20 mph and 28 mph with pedal assist. The 720 Wh battery can be fully recharged in under 5 hours. 

Aventon eBike
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