We get plenty of interesting emails at InsideEVs, but a recent message from Ben Anderson caught our attention. Anderson is the voiceover artist for the popular YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam. If you're not familiar, it's the main channel we use to share Tesla dashcam video content.

Anderson sent us a message to let us know that he's started a new channel with his wife. He wrote:

"I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that my wife and I have started a new YouTube channel of our own. In our videos, we travel around the Pacific Northwest region in our Nissan Leaf (the only EV we can afford for now), documenting our road trip experiences and also collecting 4K ultra HD wildlife and nature footage. "

The videos on the new channel are family-friendly and full of plenty of eye candy. They could also prove quite helpful for people who are considering purchasing an EV. We often have people ask us if EVs are practical for road trips, what's the charging infrastructure like, and how much longer might a trip take?

Anderson provided us with several links to his videos, such as the one below. 

In the video below video, Ben and his wife encounter an out-of-order charging station and show the real-life steps taken to find their way home, something most EV road trip channels never discuss:

They also talk about how much money they spend on electricity, as well as other real-world experiences associated with EV ownership. Moreover, Ben and his wife don't cloud their footage with technical information that potential EV buyers probably won't care about, much less understand.

The videos also have plenty of 4K wildlife footage, which is awesome to see. For example, in the video below, they take a tour of Northrup Canyon and show the amazing variety of wildlife in this area:

The video below features amazing slow-motion footage of a Great Blue Heron that Ben and his wife filmed while fishing in Medical Lake:

The best part here is that the Andersons have already been able to publish a long list of videos and attract 2,500 subscribers. In addition, they have loads of footage ready for editing, so they can begin releasing many more videos in the future. If you're interested, please subscribe to Pacific Northwest EVentures (source link below), and you can enjoy a new video every Sunday morning.

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