You may not be familiar with the RacerX YouTube channel. We can honestly say we weren't. This is likely because the channel doesn't yet have a reputation for covering a lot of EVs. Nonetheless, it appears the Tesla Model S Plaid has gotten RacerX's attention, and for good reason. In fact, the channel says the Plaid ruined everything, though arguably in a good way. The video explains precisely why.

RacerX is a popular racing channel for car enthusiasts. While much of its coverage focuses on gas-powered cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and Dodge Hellcat models, it would be silly for RacerX to ignore the Model S Plaid, though many other similar publications have. The channel writes:

"This channel is dedicated to the pursuit of anything automotive. I have owned fast cars since being a teenager and have always been a huge fan of all types of racing. If someone tells you what your driving is a bit EXCESSIVE .. then you're my kind of driver."

The reason RacerX says the Model S Plaid ruined everything is it's very much unlike any other really quick car available today. The fact that it's electric is a huge part of it, but that's not what matters here. Thanks to Tesla, most people already know electric cars are quick. However, Tesla's cars are also very practical, and the Plaid is no exception.

The Model S Plaid is a large premium sedan with lots of passenger and cargo space. It has four doors, two rows of seats, loads of the latest safety and technology features, and room for five passengers. Adults can sit relatively comfortably in any seat, which can't be said about most sports cars, let alone supercars and hypercars.

RacerX says it really makes no difference what you think of Tesla or the Model S Plaid. There's still no denying it has ruined car enthusiasts' and racing fans' concepts of fast and functional. RacerX shares:

"Love it or hate it.. the performance numbers are undeniable."

What's interesting here is that racing-focused channels like this typically focus on racing and performance specs. Surprised? Moreover, they focus on mods, wheels, tires, exterior appeal, etc. What they don't typically spend time covering is a car's roomy and tech-filled interior, family-friendly features, advanced driver-assist systems, passenger space, cargo capacity, etc.

This is because, with most sports cars and supercars, it would be a joke to show off the rear seats (there may not even be rear seats), or the trunk, which is often ridiculously small. Many fast cars don't even have family-friendly features or a suite of safety systems.

At any rate, check out the video for more details from RacerX. Share it with your family, friends, and neighbors who haven't been turned on to EVs. And, as always, leave us a comment below.

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