Jeda Products is known for making high-quality tech products for Tesla vehicles that look and feel as if they are original equipment accessories. We're no stranger to Jeda products here at InsideEVs, as we tested and reviewed Jeda's Tesla Model 3 wireless charging pad and USB hub in 2019, and offered our recommendation for the product. 

Today, Jeda will begin taking reservations for its newest product designed exclusively for the 2021 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y called the Jeda USB Hub Console. In 2021, Tesla redesigned the center console of the Model 3 and Y, and Jeda hopped right on the changes and designed a new product to custom fit the new center console.

Jeda USB Hub for Model 3 and Y

The Tesla Model 3 and Y USB Hub storage organizer is a 4-in-1 USB hub, console organizer, smartwatch charger, and wireless headphone charger, designed to look and feel as if it were original equipment that came with the car. 

Jeda USB Console
The Jeda USB Console has a sliding door to hide the USB ports for added security


The hub converts the two USB-C ports in the Model 3/Y center console into four ports: 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C. These two additional USB-A ports can be used for power and data purposes (charging, music, or TeslaCam/Sentry Mode.) Jeda also cleverly hid the USB ports under the sliding door so they cannot be seen unless the compartment is opened.

Charges Android and Apple Devices

The Jeda USB Hub Console includes charging points for both smart watches and wireless headphones. Those with Airpods, Pixel Buds, Apple Watches, and more can now easily charge their devices in their Tesla Model 3 and Y USB Hub Storage Organizer.

Secure Storage Space

The sleek design of Jeda's USB Hub Console features a hidden lower compartment that stores items safely in the case of a break in.

It has a "false floor" that divides the console in the Tesla Model Y and 3 into two separate compartments. The upper area can be used for items that you need access to more frequently, such as a pen, wallet, or face mask. The lower compartment is hidden from sight until you slide the floor forward, keeping your most valuable objects out of sight and safe from potential thieves. 

Jeda USB Hub for Model 3 and Y

As with all Jeda Products, the USB Hub Console also has great build quality and features anodized aluminum and silicone construction.

Key Features:
● Wireless Headphone Charging: Charges wireless headphones such as AirPods and Pixel Buds
● Integrated Smart Watch Charging: Wirelessly charge watches
● Secret storage compartment: Securely store items against theft
● Anodized metal and silicone texture: Premium build materials
● Additional storage capacity: Maximizes the space to provide a two-tiered storage design
● Integrated USB Hub: Additional USB ports for power/data

Jeda didn't forget about pre-2021 Model 3 and Y owners

If you have a pre-2021 Tesla Model 3 or Y and want an elegant and convenient way to store and charge your devices, Jeda also offers a Tesla Center Console Tray that features a similarly sleek two-tiered organizational system as the USB Hub Console. The Tesla Tray slides into the center console of pre-2021 Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles and offers an easy plug-and-play solution to meet both your organizing and charging needs.

Whether you have the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3/Y or an older model, Jeda has a solution for your organizational, security, and charging needs. The all-new USB Hub console costs $99.99 and is currently available for pre-order. Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin in July. 

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