Once you drive a Tesla, you'll buy a Tesla. We've heard that many times in the past, and while there's no way to substantiate it, we know many people who have driven the Tesla Model 3 and then immediately placed an order. One of the main reasons Tesla doesn't need to advertise is that its fans and owners "sell" the cars, or, the cars "sell" themselves.

One of our new favorite YouTube influencers, Carter Jones, has been publishing plenty of helpful content. She focuses on Tesla ownership, as well as finance and investing. Her channel is unique since she's a young woman working to educate potential EV owners. We can honestly say we've learned something from Carter's videos, and we never felt like any of them were simply an advertisement.

In this recent video, Carter provides a virtual POV experience related to the 2021 Tesla Model 3. Of course, it's neat to watch what it's like to get behind the wheel of the world's most popular EV, but the video goes far beyond that. Carter provides a POV review of the car.

It's as if you're walking up to the Model 3 yourself, stepping inside, checking out all the little details, and then hitting the road. This is precisely what you'd do if you were in the market for a new car. However, not everyone has access to a Tesla. The company doesn't have stores everywhere, and new and used inventory is virtually non-existent in many locations at this point.

So, without further ado, join Carter inside her Tesla Model 3 to learn everything you need to know. Then, let us know, are you planning on buying an EV? If so, is the Model 3 on your list?

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