The Volkswagen ID.4 has proven itself in many reviews as being a worthy alternative to a Tesla Model Y. Even some Tesla owners are acknowledging its qualities, and the things it does better than a Tesla, although when it comes to the important headline-grabbing areas (range, performance and self-driving technology), VW is not quite there yet.

Even so, according to RSymons RSEV, the ID.4 is a very easy and comfortable vehicle to drive, with a real world range of around 200 to 220 miles (322 to 355 km). It has enough punch to overtake and the interior is quite pleasant to travel aboard of on long journeys, even though it feels more functional than it does luxurious - it's not a posh Audi.

And while the reviewer seems to have a generally positive view of the ID.4, he does spend quite a bit of video time talking about the faults, most of which are minor, but they seem to add up. Things like the central air vent being too low and blowing air onto the driver’s knee, making it uncomfortably cold, or the haptic feedback controls on the steering wheel which are very easy to hit by accident.

He also says the vehicle doesn’t feel quick enough in its eco mode and there is no way to quickly switch out of it when the driver needs extra power. The strength of the regenerative braking is another bad mark for the ID.4 as this reviewer rates it as being nowhere near as strong as on some other EVs - one-pedal driving is not as easy either.

When it comes to charging, though, the reviewer declared himself impressed with the ID.4's ability to charge from 1 percent to 80 percent in around 40 minutes.

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