If you’re a regular reader, you are, just like us, convinced that electric vehicles are the future, but if you still have friends who deny it, you can show them this video by Wendover Productions. It rightly says that there are already EVs good enough make even the most ardent naysayer switch from gas to electric, even without breaking the bank, but the issue that is preventing this from happening has to do with charging networks.

Specifically, the fact that they are not really good or reliable enough to offer people a stress free ownership experience that would rival with the ease of use provided by a car whose tank you can fill up in a few minutes. There are already cars capable of almost fully charging their batteries in 30 minutes (and many more are just around the corner), yet you may run into the issue that you simply cannot charge.

Sometimes EVs won’t establish communication with the charging station, or the station itself is broken, or even if the car and charger do communicate, you may discover that the rate of charge is way lower than what you were expecting, and thus you end up spending more time waiting for it to charge than you initially anticipated. It is this fact that is keeping EVs from really taking off and this is how Tesla manages to maintain its lead in the segment - by offering its own reliable network of fast chargers that owners know they can rely on... for the most part.

Oh, and when the Chevrolet Volt is mentioned in the video, the narrator is definitely talking about the Bolt.

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