If you've been considering a new EV charger and have your eye on the Grizzl-E Classic from United Chargers, here's one more reason to pull the trigger. Online retail powerhouse Amazon has given the Grizzl-E Classic its prized Amazon's Choice designation.

What does Amazon's Choice mean and is it a trustworthy accolade? Generally speaking, the Amazon's Choice designation is given to products that many people have purchased and been very satisfied with, as measured by the product's customer review data. In its own words, Amazon says "Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately."

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At the time of this writing, the Grizzl-E Classic charger has a 108 user ratings on Amazon with 87% being a full five stars. A quick glance through the written customer reviews shows why the Grizzl-E Classic is so well liked. 

  • Cary Delmore writes, "The first impressions are good, it's really heavy, stout, should last a long time."
  • User Tulips are my favorite flower writes, "What you want from your charger is rock solid reliability. This is the only charger on the market that delivers that. Also, for you Tesla drivers it is 40amp - at this price point that is insane."
  • And finally, Kevin S writes, "I emailed the manufacturer about compatibility and received a response the following morning. That was a good sign of customer service."

The Grizzl-E Classic has over 70 written customer reviews on Amazon, and most of them offer the same glowing praise for the charger's robust build quality, affordable price, and easy installation. 

You don't have to buy the Grizzl-E Classic from Amazon, though. In fact, you can get $25 off your purchase of the Grizzl-E Classic if you buy one directly from United Chargers and use promo code INSIDEEVS5.

Update: Alpha Smart Charger Beta Testers

When United Chargers debuted its new, state-of-the-art Alpha smart charger, the company announced it would be selecting Beta testers from those pre-ordering the charger. Beta tester selection has begun and those being offered the opportunity will be receiving emails with questions and legal documents to sign in order to be onboarded. Those legal documents, however, do not prohibit Beta testers from discussing the Alpha publicly.

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Here are some of the conditions that have to be met to become an Alpha Beta tester.

  • Indoor installation of the charger (it has not received its outdoor rating yet)
  • Having an EV or PHEV (obviously
  • Priority will be given to owners of different EVs with which the Alpha has not yet been tested

Lastly, becoming a Beta tester has some perks. United Charger tells InsideEVs that Beta testers will be given some cool stuff later in January, which could include the new Mini Grizzl-E for testing and to keep, free of charge. 

To order your Alpha smart charger and be considered for Beta testing, just place your pre-order.

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