'Tis the season to make that Tesla Model 3 owner in your life very happy (and perhaps forget what a disaster 2020 has been) with a gift that will surely bring joy to their holiday season. Model 3 owners (and most all Tesla owners for that matter) really love their cars and will appreciate them even more with these holiday gift suggestions.

We've searched the internet and even ordered some of these products to come up with a list of some of the best gift ideas, from inexpensive stocking stuffers to expensive vehicle modifications. We've listed here by cost for least to most expensive and provided links to the product suggestions when available. 


Tesla Coffee Mug

Model 3 coffee mug

For many people, enjoying a morning cup of joe is an essential part of their day. Why not remind them every time they fill up that they will soon be hopping into their awesome Tesla. This gift even works well for Tesla enthusiasts that don't yet own a Model 3. There are many choices available for you to choose from on Amazon. 


Tesla Parking Only Sign

Model 3 parking only signs

Make sure everybody knows that NO ONE is allowed to park in your Model 3's parking spot - the other cars just aren't worthy! This light-hearted gift will definitely make the Model 3 owner in your life smile. There are many different options to choose from on Amazon starting at $9.99.


Charging Adapter Lock

Model 3 adapter lock

Because Tesla vehicles use a different connector in North America than all other electric vehicles, they require an adapter to use any public charging infrastructure that isn't made and installed by Tesla. Tesla gives owners the adapter to use those chargers for free when they purchase their vehicle, but it costs $95 to replace if it gets damaged or stolen. 

While the adapter does lock to the car, the connector that's attached to the charging station has no way of locking itself to the adapter, so anyone can unplug your Tesla before it's finished charging.

However, they can't if you're using an adapter lock, like the CapturePro Adapter Lock that's available from Evannex for $24.95. This is a great gift idea that the recipient might not even know they need!

High-Quality Extension Cables

EV extension cables

This might be an overlooked but sometimes needed accessory for electric vehicle owners regardless of the make and model. You never know when you might be on the road somewhere need to charge but find the only available outlet is too far away for your Tesla mobile connector to reach.  

Or, you may want to plug into an existing dryer outlet near your garage and again, it's just too far from the car. That's when a high-quality extension cord becomes very useful. It's very important to have one that's high-quality because your Model 3 will be pulling a lot of current for many continuous hours. You won't find these types of specialty extension cords at the local hardware store. 

We searched around and found a company called Signal and Power that makes high-quality extension cables and adapters for electric vehicle charging. We've been using their products for a couple of months now and can attest to their high quality. You'll want to match the cord with the adapter you have for your Tesla Mobile charger, and perhaps pick up a couple of different adapters so you can plug into some of the more popular 240 outlets that you may come across. 


Jack Pads

Model 3 jack pads

If the Model 3 lover in your life doesn't have a set of jack pads, then you definitely found a great stocking stuffer that they really need! This is another one of those gift ideas that they might not even know they need - but they do. 

Teslas can be damaged when a service center or roadside assistance vehicle uses a hydraulic lift to change a tire or any provide any type of service for that matter. Tesla service centers have the proper jack pads so you don't need to have them if you exclusively use a Tesla service center, however, that's not always possible. If you get a flat tire and need immediate service you can't always go to a Tesla service shop. 

Therefore, you really should have a set of jack pads in the vehicle at all times so if your Tesla needs service you can provide them to the shop and they won't damage the battery tray or side skirt of the vehicle. They are available by multiple vendors, but we use the Tesla jack pads from TesBros that sell for $25.00.

Removable Frunk Cooler

Model 3 Frunk Cooler

The Model 3's frunk is a great place to store food and drinks when you're going on a road trip, especially when you don't have the extra room in the cabin. However, the frunk isn't climate controlled and it gets really hot or cold up there depending on the ambient temperature.

With an insulated frunk cooler, you can neatly organize and keep your food and beverages at the desired temperature. It's perfect for picnics, camping, tailgating, or transporting food for a family gathering. It's removable so you can lift it out and take it where ever you need to go. Evannex offers a high-quality, custom-fit frunk cooler for $49.95. 


MicroUSB For TeslaCam

Model 3 MicroUSB

Every Tesla Model 3 should have a MicroUSB installed to record TeslaCam and Sentry Mode events. Unfortunately, not all owners know they need to buy and install one in order to have the recordings available - until they need to review an event. 

Normally, you need to format the USB before you can use it in your Model 3 and some people have difficulty doing that. One particular product we found interesting is the high-quality TeslaCam & sentry mode MicroUSB bundle from PureTesla. It comes pre-formatted, so it's plug and play. It works with Mac and PC and PureTesla offers free lifetime product support.


Glass Roof Sunshade

Model 3 sun shade

One of the coolest features of the Model 3 is its gorgeous glass roof.  However, what's not cool is the top of your head when you're driving in direct sunlight on hot summer days. I know because I have a Model 3, and during the summer months the radiant heat of the glass roof is a bit too much for me. 

Even with the dark factory tint that blocks UV light, the radiant heat generated from the glass roof can really bake your head on hot summer days. So, I ordered this two-piece sunshade kit by SUMK, for $55.99 and it made a huge difference. The Model 3 owner in your life will thank you for it, especially if you live in an area that gets really hot in the summer. 


Aftermarket Sport Wheel Upgrade

Model 3 aftermarket wheels

We wouldn't recommend buying a set of wheels without first confirming that the recipient wants new wheels and that they also like the ones you're selecting because wheel styles are a really personal choice. 

However, if you have that worked out, we're sure the Model 3 owner in your life would be ecstatic to find out they have a wheel upgrade coming for the holidays. If you're not sure which wheel style they might want, perhaps you can make up a faux gift certificate with the value equal to a new set of aftermarket wheels for their car and let them choose.

There are many Tesla aftermarket wheel suppliers but we find EVWheel Direct to have great pricing on high-quality stylish aftermarket Tesla wheels. A set of quality wheels for the Model 3 will cost $1,200 and up, so this is definitely not a stocking-stuffer type of gift. 


Full Exterior Ceramic Coating

Model 3 ceramic coating2
My Model 3 just after the ceramic coating was applied

We know the Tesla owner in your life wants to keep their Model 3 looking new forever, and probably goes to great lengths to do so. An exterior ceramic coating will go a long way in helping them do that. Ceramic coatings are chemical polymer solutions that are applied to the exterior of a vehicle and protect the paint from damage. You can think of it as a really thick coat of wax (even though it's not wax) that lasts for years.

Ceramic coatings can cost up to $2,500 depending on the product and how many layers of coatings are applied. However, most people that have had it done will say it's worth it because the coating keeps the vehicle looking great for years. It even makes it easier to clean because it repels liquid and dirt. If you choose to really splurge on this gift, you'll want to call around and get pricing from a couple of local shops, because the pricing can vary greatly. 


We know there are dozens more great holiday gift suggestions, so we'd love to hear what you think would make the best gift for Model 3 owners. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and happy holidays everyone. 

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