We've been reporting about the Tesla Model 3 "not-a-refresh" refresh for a time now. At first, it just seemed like rumors. However, later we learned that the "2021" Model 3 would actually be getting several updates, putting it more in line with the tech and styling features found in and on the newer Tesla Model Y crossover.

Fast-forward to more recently, and we shared some images of some of the updates, followed by a video out of China that showed what appeared to be a new Model 3 with the refresh. Now, deliveries have started in the U.S. and Canada, so we finally get the real deal when it comes to exactly how the Model 3 has been updated.

Model 3 owner Mahdi Askarzadeh just took delivery of his new Tesla in British Columbia, Canada. As Teslarati points out, a U.S.-based Model 3 reservation-holder also just took delivery of his refreshed Model 3 on our shores.

Askarzadeh put together two videos detailing the car and its features (above and at the bottom of this article). You get to see the new Aero wheel cover design, the new steering wheel design, headlight controls, and much more. He notes that the interior quality and overall fit and finish seem to be on par with the previous "generation," though Tesla told him the seat cushions are upgraded.

The U.S.-based Model 3 owner, David Narayan, mentioned some other details on Reddit under the username u/kawikados. If you follow the link you can see photos. He points out the double-paned windows, which are only on the front windows, as well as some gaps in the trunk and wheel bearings.

Check out the two short videos and the Reddit post for all the details. Then, let us know if you have a refreshed Model 3 on order? Perhaps you already took delivery? Fill us in in the comment section below.

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