Grizzl-E has unveiled a brand new version of their popular EV home charger called the Extreme Edition. It combines the amazing capability, durability, and value of the Grizzl-E Classic charger with a cool new camouflage look, more equipment, and an industry-leading warranty.  

The Extreme Edition is the first EV home charger we've seen with some style. The classic camo design with Grizzl-E's trademark claw marks will look great on your garage wall. It's about time EV home chargers showed some flair instead of looking like little refrigerators. 

The Extreme Edition is the first EV home charger we've seen with some style.

As for specs, the Extreme Edition delivers up to 40-amps of power, making it one of the most powerful EV chargers available today. You need a 50-amp dedicated circuit for that amount of power delivery, but no worries if you don't have one, because the Extreme Edition can limit the amount of power it delivers to your EV, allowing you to install it circuits with less than 50-amps. By setting the dip switch to match the amount of power your circuit can deliver, you can restrict the Grizzl-E to a 16-amp, 24-amp, or 32-amp output. Most EV chargers are not capable of physically adjusting their maximum output like this.

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Own a Tesla? The Extreme Edition works great with those too and can deliver a full 10 kW of power to the car. Most home chargers are limited to delivering only about 7 kW. The Extreme Edition can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 Long Range in about 7.5 hours, while a competitor's 30-amp home charger would take 10.5 hours.

The Extreme Edition also comes with more equipment than the Grizzl-E Classic. Instead of a standard 18-foot cable, the Extreme gets a longer 24-foot premium cable that stays flexible in cold weather. A coupler lock with keys is also included in the box, as well as camo-style EasyEVPlug holsters for both J1772 and Tesla connectors. These holsters feature excellent cable management and are flexible inside to prevent damage to the plug or holster in case you accidentally bump into the holster while it is on the wall.

Grizzl-E Extreme Edition Home EV Charger EasyEV Plug Tesla
Grizzl-E Extreme Edition Home EV Charger EasyEVPlug J1772

Lastly, Grizzl-E Extreme Edition comes with an industry-leading 5-year Replacement Warranty. Chargers from Asia are often sold with just one-year warranties, and even more expensive chargers from companies like ChargePoint and JuiceBox come with only three years of coverage. 

The Extreme Editions costs $499 and can be purchased directly from the Grizzl-E store website. That's hundreds of dollars less than chargers from ChargePoint and JuiceBox and with a warranty that's two years longer. In fact, when you look at cost of ownership across a charger's warranty period, nothing out there beats the $99 per year it costs to own the Extreme Edition. 

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