We're all looking for the right home charger for our EV. We bet the Grizzl-E Classic home EV charger is right for you, and we've partnered with United Chargers to offer InsideEVs readers an exclusive $25 discount. Buy the Grizzl-E Classic using promo code INSIDEEVS1 and you'll see your discount applied at checkout.

The Grizzl-E Classic charger is an amazing step forward for home charging. Produced by United Chargers Inc, the Grizzl-E Classic has been designed to offer the affordability of chargers from China with the robust design, quality materials, and advanced engineering of more expensive chargers from North America. 

Get $25 off your Grizzl-E home charger by using promo code INSIDEEVS1.

Chargers from Asia can be inexpensive on account of cost-cutting that reduces their safety and shortens their operational lives, and the units aren't even inspected and safety-certified. These budget manufacturers can import and sell their chargers here for less than higher-quality, safety-certified chargers designed and manufactured right here in North America.

EVs, though, are already expensive, and some of those higher-quality chargers can cost $1,000 or more on top of the price of the EV you just bought. 

Grizzl-E Home Charger
High-quality components, an all-metal case, and a special cold-weather cord set the Grizzl-E apart.

The Grizzl-E Classic, though, is far more affordable at $399 (plus $25 off when you use promo code INSIDEEVS1). And yet, it was designed in Canada and built strong to withstand the harshest conditions. Its all-metal cast aluminum case is an exclusive among home chargers (the rest use plastic) and makes the Grizzl-E Classic both fire and water-resistant, as well as earns it a coveted NEMA-4 electrical enclosure rating. Its internal components have also been selected and carefully assembled for the longest operational life possible, regardless of whether it's used during blazing American summers or cold Canadian winters. Grizzl-E even offers a premium output cable for especially cold climates that remains flexible in frigid temps.

As for specs, the Grizzl-E Classic can deliver up to 40-amps of power to your car, making it one of the most powerful EV chargers available today. You would need a 50-amp dedicated circuit for that amount of power delivery, but no worries if you don't have one, because the Grizzl-E can limit the amount of power it delivers to your EV, allowing you to install it on a circuit less than 50-amps. By setting the dip switch to match the amount of power your circuit can deliver, you can restrict the Grizzl-E Classic to a 16-amp, 24-amp, or 32-amp output. That flexibility is another big advantage for the Grizzl-E Classic, as most EV chargers are not capable of physically adjusting their maximum output, and software power settings are not recognized by most electric safety boards across the US and Canada. 

Grizzl-E Home Charger
The Grizzl-E hooked up to a Tesla Model 3.

Own a Tesla? The Grizzl-E Classic works great with those too and can deliver a full 10 kW of power to the car. Most home chargers are limited to delivering only about 7 kW. The Grizzl-E can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 Long Range in about 7.5 hours, while a competitor's 30-amp home charger would take 10.5 hours and likely wouldn't completely finish charging it overnight.

So pick up your own Grizzl-E Classic and use our limited-time offer promo code INSIDEEVS1 to get $25 off its $399 purchase price. It's adaptable to any electrical panel and includes an internal switch to select any breaker from 20-amp to 50-amp. Cord lengths range from 18 to 24 feet and, as mentioned above, you can also choose a premium cable for a small extra charge that remains flexible in cold temperatures. The Grizzl-E Classic also comes with the company's EasyEVPlug, a remote connector holster with cable management that allows you to blindly plug into your holster and protects your plug. 

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The Grizzl-E is just the first of many products coming from United Chargers Inc in 2020. The company's mission is to speed up the adoption of EVs by providing more affordable home and money-making commercial charging stations. Stay tuned to InsideEVs where we'll publish exclusive news and offers from United Chargers every two weeks.

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