Now that the Tesla Model Y has come to market, it's time to take a look at the entire Tesla lineup in detail.

If you're considering buying a Tesla vehicle, your options recently increased. Tesla launched the Model Y crossover in March, which brought its total historical lineup to five vehicles, though the original Roadster is no longer in production.

Currently, you can choose from the flagship Tesla Model S or Model X, or the less expensive Model 3 or Model Y. While the Model S and Model 3 are sedans, the Model X and Model Y are crossovers.

All Tesla's vehicles share plenty of similarities, such as paint options, panoramic roofs, standard Autopilot (aside from off-menu exceptions), large touch-screen displays, ridiculous instant torque, free over-the-air software updates, and available Full Self-Driving capability (which is not yet feature-complete).

Tesla's cars also differ in a number of ways. The Model S and X have an interior that's notably different from that of the Model 3 and Y. This is also true of the siblings' touch screens, keys, door opening systems, charging ports, etc.

YouTuber Spencer Olson takes us through these similarities and differences in meticulous detail. In addition, he provides us with a written version, which we've shared below.

Video Description via Spencer Olson on YouTube:

TESLA MODEL Y vs MODEL X vs MODEL 3 vs MODEL S | A COMPLETE Comparison Between EVERY Tesla!

So Tesla has been around since 2003, releasing its first car, the roadster, coming out in 2008. As of this recording, there are 8 total vehicles announced whether discontinued, in production, or coming out in the future. There are 4 models currently available, the Model X, Model S, Model 3, and Model Y. Let’s see how these cars compare and what similarities and differences they have!


Model X- Starts at $84,990 up to $128,990 across two trim levels. Long Range and Performance.
Model S- Starts at $79,990 up to $115,490 across two trim levels. Long Range and Performance.
Model 3- Starts at $35,000 up to $66,990 across four trim levels. Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, Long Range AWD, and Performance AWD.
Model Y- Starts at $39,000 up to $73,990 across three trim levels. Standard Range, Long Range AWD, and Performance AWD.


Model X- Lowest range is 305 miles on performance up to 351 miles on long range.
Model S- 348 miles on performance up to 391 miles on long range.
Model 3- 250 miles on standard range plus up to 322 miles on performance and long range.
Model Y- 230 miles on standard range up to 315 miles on long range.


Model X- Fastest acceleration rate is 2.7 seconds with ludicrous mode. Top speed is 163 mph.
Model S- 2.4 seconds with ludicrous mode. Top speed is 163 mph.
Model 3- 3.2 seconds. Top speed is 162 mph.
Model Y- 3.5 seconds. Top speed is 155 mph.


Model X- Length of 198 in, width of 79 in, height of 66 in.
Model S- Length of 196 in, width of 77 in, height of 57 in.
Model 3- Length of 185 in, width of 73 in, height of 56 in.
Model Y- Length of 187 in, width of 76 in, height of 64 in.


Model X- Has 88 cubic feet of cargo space including trunk and frunk with rear seats folded down.
Model S- Has 60.2 cubic feet of cargo space.
Model 3- Has 43.6 cubic feet of cargo space.
Model Y- Has 68 cubic feet of cargo space.


-Model 3 and Model Y share about 75% of parts where the Model X and S share about 30%
-Model S and X have the same overall interior like the Model 3 and Y
-Model 3 and Model Y both have the same 15 inch horizontal touch screen whereas the Model X and Model S have a vertical 17 inch touch screen.
-Door opening systems are very different from the cars. 3 and Y have a push then pull system, the X has a push system that activates the motorized doors, and the S’s handles pop out and then allow you to pull open.
-Model X is the only Tesla with motorized doors. Front doors open automatically when you walk up.
-Model X and S have a similar key, looking like a hot wheel car. They both have hidden buttons on it to unlock and lock as well as open the trunk. The 3 and Y have a small key card the size of a credit card to unlock.
-Headlights are different on the models. The 3 and Y have the relatively same headlights and tail lights.
-All the Models have a variation of panoramic roofs.
-Charging ports are different. S and X have the same one with the indication light surrounding the port. The 3 and Y have the same one but with a small Tesla logo indication light instead of the port-surrounding one.
The Model X and S have free unlimited supercharging whereas the 3 and Y don’t. Avg. The charging cost is $7-10.
-The Model X and Y are the only ones offering a 3rd row seat.


-All have free basic autopilot and can all be upgraded to full self driving
-All have 8 surrounding cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 1 forward radar for autopilot
-All have same paint options, Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and the Red Multi-coat

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