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Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Truck Battery is How Big?

Asked in another way: What MPGe can we expect from Tesla’s new electric semi truck? In a previous Inside EVs article there developed an interesting discussion in the comments section relative to Tesla’s semi truck battery size. In that discussion one commenter (@PMPU) posted: “Our hypothetical BEV semi will have…

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New Tesla P100D Battery Module Walkthrough

The rumors, secrets, mysteries of the @TeslaMotors #100kWh battery put to rest once and for all #P100D #HighVoltage — Jason Hughes (@wk057) January 24, 2017 Recently some photos of Tesla’s new P100D module were made available via a very interesting fellow – Jason Hughes (aka @wk057) on his website here….

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New Tesla P100D Battery Pack Conceptualized

The latest Tesla splash is their new 100 kwh battery pack unveiled August 23, 2016 in a conference call with journalists. “The cell is the same – but the module and pack architecture has changed significantly in order to achieve adequate cooling of the cells in a more energy dense…

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Tesla Model S Recycles Waste Heat to Warm the Battery

The Waste heat comes from the drive motor and power electronics. Range loss in cold weather is a huge problem for pure battery electric vehicles and manufacturers use various approaches to deal with the problem. The simplest approach is resistive heating in the cabin and/or battery. This is the low…

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