The Skoda Enyaq iV is a brand new EV that just hit Europe, with a mix of elements that should make it very attractive to buyers. It is a high-riding crossover, it has very good range credentials and it’s packed with tech.

So far nobody has yet been allowed to drive it and cast an opinion on what it’s like, but people have been permitted to take a close (static) look at the car. Bjørn Nyland is one of those people and his video is a detailed look at the Enyaq’s interior and exterior.

Sure, the most important part of the Enyaq promise is the claimed 311 miles (500 km) of WLTP range, and just how close the car can get to that claim, but it also needs to be a good practical proposition too. And based on Bjørn’s video, it does seem to tick all the tech and practicality boxes, at least on first impression.

The Enyaq is a very important EV for the Old Continent and it needs to be good and deliver on the many promises the manufacturer has made. We’ll have to wait for reviewers to get the car out on the road before we can get an idea of how good it is, though.

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