Driving Sports TV spends some quality time with the all-new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime. The publication calls the new plug-in hybrid a "faster and more refined" RAV4. Since the gas-powered RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid are already big hits, this move by Toyota makes perfect sense. However, sadly, the automaker doesn't have plans to make it available in large numbers in the U.S.

The RAV4 is one of the best-selling compact SUVs on the market today. Toyota completely redesigned it for the 2019 model year. which made it much better in many ways. It's practical, sporty, well-built, safe, and packed with features. In addition, the RAV4 earns praise for its excellent passenger and cargo space, as well as its decent off-road chops. The RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid offers all of these pros, plus plenty of instant torque and 42 miles of all-electric range.

On paper, the RAV4 Prime seems like a true winner. However, sometimes when an automaker produces an EV based on a gas-powered platform, there are issues. Since Toyota is the king when it comes to hybrid vehicles, we had little concern that the RAV4 Prime would be anything less than outstanding.

Driving Sports TV provides an in-depth review of the new Toyota plug-in hybrid inside and out, complete with an overview of its safety and convenience features. However, more importantly, it drives the car on and off the road. You get to see the RAV4 Prime tackle a zero-to-60 mph sprint and see how it fares through some water and on dirt roads through the mountains.

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