ECD Automotive Design specializes in rebuilding and restoring classic Land Rovers. The firm set up shop a decade ago and has created powerful, more luxurious versions of Land Rover's iconic lineup ever since. However, the firm isn't committed solely to the boxy SUVs. E.C.D. has recently ventured into working on the Jaguar E-Type, a distinguished vehicle of the British automotive scene.

ECD's builds are entirely personalized and usually take around a year from commissioning to delivery. Since they are one-of-one designs, each owner can choose his or her desired features. Buyers have the choice between several internal combustion engine layouts and an EV powertrain. In that regard, the E-Type is no different.

The Florida-based automotive firm's first EV E-Type is called Project Narragansett, bound for a customer based in Rhode Island. Project Narragansett has an array of amenities, including ventilated seats, a JL audio system, front and rear dash cams, remote start, and automatic headlights. The restored stock 16-inch wheels are wrapped in Pirellis. For the propulsion, ECD's electric take on the E-Type utilizes its all-new second-generation EV powertrain.

ECD has been producing electric versions of classic Land Rover models for several years, but it used refurbished Tesla motors and batteries to do so. While it worked to create fast and less costly to maintain Land Rovers, ECD wanted to have its vehicles equipped with the latest EV technology to enable better efficiency and charging times.

The second generation EV powertrain features two battery setups: 42 kilowatt-hours for the E-Type, attaining 150 miles of range, and 84 kWh for the Land Rovers with 200 miles. Both battery setups yield 10 to 80 percent charges in under an hour. The powertrain makes 295 horsepower and has adjustable creep mode, cruise control, and a center touchscreen with EV info and CarPlay. ECD's electric E-Types are available with a starting price of $289,995.

Gallery: E.C.D. Jaguar E-Type

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