Bosch is widely considered as a pioneer and innovator when it comes to electric bicycle technology. For years now, the German brand has impressed with its robust and dependable e-bike systems, as well as the impressive array of supplementing tech such as its smartphone integration and display systems.

One of the most recent tech developments from Bosch comes in the form of an update to the eBike Flow application. For those of you with Bosch-powered e-bikes, you’d be familiar with just how important the eBike Flow app is when it comes to toggling individual settings to your liking. When paired with a Kiox display, it makes for an even more seamless riding experience. Now, Bosch has just released an update meant to boost the security of your e-bike, by making the Kiosk screen work as a key.

Bosch Rolls Out New Locking Update To Kiox E-Bike Display

Bosch’s eBike Lock function allows users to electronically lock the motor with their smartphone. The newest update now includes a feature where the lock can be activated simply by removing the screen – a very easy procedure, as the screen is simply clipped in place. Compatible with both Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays, the new feature makes it easier and quicker for riders to lock their bikes. Nevertheless, it’s still recommended that you use a physical bike lock for added safety, as would-be thieves could still ride the bike like a normal bike, or simply carry it and load it into the back of a van.

Nevertheless, for folks who share e-bikes – say, a family with several members who each ride the same bike – it’s now possible to have individual Kiox screens to unlock the bike, and subsequently load the individual’s preferred settings automatically. Nevertheless, riders will have to spend an additional $135 USD for a new Kiox 300 screen – but that sure beats spending thousands of dollars more for an additional electric bicycle.

When time comes to unlock the bike, all you have to do is reinstall the Kiox display onto its cradle, ensure the bike is paired with their smartphone, and they’re good to go. Over the course of recent months, Bosch has been rolling out updates designed to make its bikes safer and more user friendly. Previously, the Bosch Kiox 300 was given advanced navigation capabilities. It seems that Bosch is building the features list of the Kiox 300 display, making it so much more than a simple screen to monitor your ride data with.

Bosch Rolls Out New Locking Update To Kiox E-Bike Display
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