The Lucid Air is nothing short of an engineering marvel. A 924-volt electrical architecture pushing up to 1,234 horsepower in a luxury sedan package is truly incredible. However, the Air has had its fair share of growing pains.

This March, Lucid Airs were subject to a recall involving potential power losses stemming from faulty contact switches. The recall included 637 Airs, but Lucid says that only around six percent of those sedans actually have the defect.

Since then, the electric sedan has seen three more recalls. The first recall notice regards the car's backup camera not loading. Some owners reported the backup camera would take an incredibly long time to load or it would load only sometimes. Lucid says that an OTA update is now available as a fix. Affecting just 59 units built from November 24, 2021, to January 29, 2023, this affects the fewest vehicles.

The second recall is also fixable through a software update. This recall is more serious and affects the car's propulsion. Though extremely rare, the vehicle's system won't alert drivers when a Lucid Air has a power module inverter failure. Without the alert, the car would appear to suddenly lose power. This recall affects nearly 800 Airs built from October 22, 2021 to June 29, 2023.

Lucid's final recall affects every sedan built to June 13, 2023, though many have already been fixed. Unlike the others, this requires servicing. The windshield wiper arms are susceptible to ceasing functioning, thanks to what appears to be an improperly secured nut. To correct this, the vehicles must have their wiper arm nut re-torqued. Lucid says it has already re-torqued 2,431 nuts, fixing the issue.

Lucid also pointed out that less than two percent of owners have reported the arms loosening.

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