California-based Living Vehicle, which specializes in making ultra-luxury camper trailers, unveiled its 2024 lineup of products, and one thing’s for sure: they’re impressive, to say the least, but they also have a price to match.

The new camper trailer, which is available in two variants – Heavy Duty (HD) and Luxury Touring (LT) – was designed by architects in California and is properly equipped to handle more than a couple of days off the grid, thanks to its huge dual-panel solar array that unfolds to maximize energy production, and other niceties.

In the biggest and most expensive model, the solar panels can produce up to 6 kilowatts of power, feeding the integrated battery that can store up to 72 kilowatt-hours of energy. Then, using electricity from the batteries, travelers can stay warm or cool with the help of an integrated mini-split HVAC system capable of regulating the interior temperature when there’s between -4 degrees Fahrenheit and 120F outside.

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Moreover, that big battery that powers everything with the help of the solar panels can output up to 18 kW and supports Level 1 electric vehicle charging, so if you’re towing the Living Vehicle with an EV, you can top-up its batteries from the sun.

And with a dry weight somewhere between 11,000-16,000 pounds depending on the model, the time to recharge your EV might be sooner rather than later.

Both the HD and the LT can house up to four people, with an optional Automatic Euroloft package upping the capacity to eight for the HD, which measures 30 feet. The LT is a little bit shorter, at 24 feet 2 inches, and isn’t as rugged as its heavy-duty counterpart, being more of an asphalt cruiser.

Other cool features of the Living Vehicle include a fold-down patio and a water generation system that traps moisture from the ambient air and transforms it into drinking water, stored in a 100-gallon storage tank.

2024 Living Vehicle luxury camper trailer

The sleeping quarters can be configured in several ways, from a bunk room to a king-size bed, and includes a 6-ft closed with an integrated washer/dryer combo. There’s also a video projector, cross-ventilation windows, a skylight window, an overhead locker, and under-bed storage.

Black walnut wood and mill-finished aluminum are used throughout the interior, while the outer shell and chassis are made from solid aluminum, with some steel-reinforced high-stress load points.

According to the official brochure, just 24 units will be made for the 2024 model year, making it one of the most, if not the most exclusive luxury camper trailer out there. Prices start at $459,995 for the HD Core model, which comes with 2-kW solar panels, a 21-kWh battery, and a total possible output of 6 kW, while the fully kitted out HD Pro starts at an eye-watering $639,995.

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