Tesla recently published a new post on LinkedIn, and it shows off a crazy slide that's apparently available to employees at the company's factory in Germany, Giga Berlin. The LinkedIn post is part of Tesla's recruiting efforts, but the unbelievable part is the short video that's obviously there to grab your attention. Tesla writes:

"At Giga Berlin, we accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and now also your way to work. Come join the team."

Following the text, there's an unspecified link that takes you to Tesla's official website for Giga Berlin.

Years ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about the potential for having amusement park rides at Tesla's factory. He went so far as to say the company may build a roller coaster for the workers to enjoy. This is the same guy who promised a Tesla Supercharger station that would double as a 1950s-style drive-in, complete with servers on roller skates and an outdoor movie theater.

Clearly, Musk is no stranger to such crazy ideas, and people often poke fun at him when he proposes them. This is because they don't expect them to come true, and they may even claim Musk has a track record for not following through.

While the outspoken CEO's plans typically seem far-fetched, and they rarely materialize right away, this is not to say they never happen. In fact, many of Musk's wild plans do eventually become reality. Remember when he said SpaceX would land and reuse rockets? How about the time he talked about digging tunnels under the streets of Las Vegas? 

When Tesla was a small and unsuccessful startup on the verge of bankruptcy, Musk suggested that its electric cars would eventually outsell gas-powered rivals, which would hopefully encourage other automakers to follow suit. Imagine that ...

With all of that said, while many of Musk's plans do eventually come to fruition, they don't always arrive as originally planned. For this reason, seeing the unbelievable video of the slide may cause some people to question whether or not it's real, but we're pretty confident it is. 

It shows a Tesla employee at Giga Berlin zipping up his Tesla jacket, lacing up his tennis shoes, and heading into the enormous, multicolored tube slide. Check it out:


Is it real? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. In addition, can you think of any other crazy ideas Elon Musk proposed over the years that eventually came true? What about ideas that have yet to materialize, like robotaxis ...

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