The Tesla Cybertruck all-electric pickup and Tesla Semi all-electric Class 8 semi truck were spotted at the Tesla Giga Texas site, accompanied by other Tesla cars.

But unlike other static presentations or casual driving scenes, here is something new - the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi were driving side-by-side.

It almost looks as if it could be a full-blown, heavy-weight electric drag race, but it's not.  Instead, it's a rather calm drive, potentially for some promotional purposes (with a drone flying above to record everything).

The very interesting video emerged after Tesla's 2023 Investor Day on March 1, and was published by Greggertruck on Twitter:


We guess that the two new electric vehicles will be used in many drag races in the future, once they are be widely available - the Semi is currently in only limited production for fleet customers, while the Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter low-volume production later this year.

Both vehicles are very quick. The Semi is promised to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour (96.5 km/h) in just 20 seconds when fully loaded. Without the trailer, it might be quicker than most cars on the road and reach 60 mph in just five seconds. That's pretty amazing for such a vehicle, which must also offer long-range and high efficiency.

The Tesla Cybertruck, on the other hand, will be even quicker. Its 0-60 mph acceleration in the top-of-the-line version should not take more than three seconds. The initial specs outlined three levels: 2.9 seconds (Tri-Motor all-wheel-drive version), 4.5 seconds (Dual Motor all-wheel-drive version), and 6.5 seconds (Single motor rear-wheel drive version) - however, the third, weakest option will not be introduced. In other words, the all-wheel drive Cybertrucks should easily win against the Tesla Semi in any real-world drag race.

More Images And Videos

Continuing to explore the latest stream of content from the Giga Texas plant, we came across additional photos and videos of the first Tesla Cybertruck prototypes:


Here is a video showing maneuvering - please note that rear-wheel steering, which significantly helps to minimize turning radius:


Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer at Tesla, recently had an opportunity to take a Beta vehicle for a spin:

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